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Development Impact Bonds

Are development impact bonds the next big thing to follow social impact bonds? And what are they anyway? According to the Center for Global Development, "DIBs would provide upfront funding for development programs by private investors, who would be remunerated by donors or host-country governments—and earn a return—if evidence shows that programs achieve pre-agreed outcomes." Check out this…


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The Journey from Practice to Theory: Developing a Foundation’s Theory of Change

Mary Gregory is the executive director of the Bella Vista Foundation, one of twenty-two foundations managed by Pacific Foundation Services (PFS). She has been with the company for fourteen years and enjoys the variety of philanthropic styles demonstrated by PFS’s clients. This post originally appeared on the Foundation Center's blog,…


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New Report: Towards an Integrated Framework

3ie published a report this summer highlighting alternative methodologies for qualitative impact evaluation. Some, like Outcome Mapping, are featured in TRASI, while others will be considered for inclusion. These methods attempt to show a cause and effect link between a program's activities and its…


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The Good Analyst - a new book about the power of analysis to reconnect money to social value

A good analyst, for our purposes, is one who analyses social and environmental good, as well as one who does so well or skilfully, and is in this sense good at doing it. But there is a third meaning too, as like a good Samaritan or a good witch, a good analyst can be a force for good, with a moral…


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Social Return on Investment Principles gain momentum as government policy continues to emphasise the importance of Social Value

The need to incorporate social value, rather than just economic value is becoming increasingly important across all sectors.

Conservative MP Chris White’s Public Services (Social Value Bill) seeks to make “good practice, standard practice” by making the concept of social value more relevant and important in the placement and provision of public services by considering economic, social and environmental well-being in procurement.

Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd said [the…


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Why Measuring Impact Remains an Elusive Goal

Where do you fall on the spectrum between skeptic and champion when it comes to assessing the impact of foundation work?


In an OpEd piece in the Chronicle of Philanthropy earlier this year, William Schambra asserted that "measurement is a futile way to approach grantmaking."  He argues that the track record of outcome and impact measurement conducted by foundations…


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Let's Talk Impact! #SocImp Twitter Chat November 14

Are you measuring the difference your organization makes? Just getting started in the process or thinking about it? Maybe you're already an impact measurement pro! Whatever stage you're in, we invite you to join us for a Twitter chat to talk impact!

On Monday November 14 from 1:00-2:00pm,…


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Impact Measurement Resources for Microfinance Institutions

In a recent PhilanTopic post, Amit Shah writes about the issues and challenges facing social entrepreneurs and the world of microfinance. Shah had a chance to speak with key figures at the Toronto International Microfinance Summit (TIMS) and includes these conversations in his post. One… Continue

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Videos of Collective Impact Conference Are Up

FSG has posted videos of their Collective Impact Conference, which took place on March 23, 2011. (We have previously posted about FSG's Collective Impact article here. You can also view their White House Council on Community Solutions meeting video and our…


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A few notes from SSIR/FSG's Collective Impact Webinar last month

Last month, we announced the Collective Impact webinar held by Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) and FSG Social Impact Advisors. The webinar focused on the "Collective Impact" article by John Kania and Mark Kramer recently published (pdf link) by SSIR, which we had previously…


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Acumen Fund's Sasha Dichter Asks "What do we think success really looks like for this sector?"

Check out this interview with Acumen Fund's Director of Business Development, Sasha Dichter. (You may also know his blog on philanthropy and generosity.) He discusses trends in impact investing, the need for universal metrics and shared data, and Acumen's tool… Continue

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