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Acumen Fund's Sasha Dichter Asks "What do we think success really looks like for this sector?"

Check out this interview with Acumen Fund's Director of Business Development, Sasha Dichter. (You may also know his blog on philanthropy and generosity.) He discusses trends in impact investing, the need for universal metrics and shared data, and Acumen's tool Pulse (listed in TRASI, along with 3 other Acumen tools for social enterprises), which is "used by 50 of our peer organizations to help them measure the impact of their own portfolios."

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Comment by Brad Smith on January 26, 2011 at 3:52pm

Sasha makes a good point about this being early days, but we are slowly beginning to have more data and better data.  Good data requires more discipline that many foundations have shown to date and a willingness to agree to standards across fields and institutions.  Those standards don't have to be rigid because of improving search technology but the data collected by foundations, social enterprises and others have to me minimally comparable.  In this regard the work being done by the Foundation Strategy Group (FSG) on joint indicators holds real promise.

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